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My philosophy is that all music should convey a message, express an emotion, or evoke a memory. My recording style focuses on authenticity within hyper-realism. Given the lack of visual cues in recordings, I use my expertise in microphone techniques and recording theory to elevate the auditory journey, crafting an immersive sonic landscape that grounds the music in a tangible moment - be it real or imagined. My goal is to create a vivid, enhanced portrayal that goes beyond mere replication.



The following is a diverse representation of my work and style. Please listen to the recordings over good-quality headphones or speakers (preferably not computer speakers). Some of the songs are long, so feel free to skip around.

Mix Engineer

Arupo // Agua

I was hired to mix the album Ser by the band Arupo. The music is a fusion between Ecuadorian folkloric and pop music. The song Agua had a lot of instruments and rich textures so I worked on creating atmosphere and depth to give space to all the elements. This song has been named one of the top 25 best world singles of 2023 by the Brooklyn radio station A New Latin World. (Video downloaded from YouTube, audio compression not in original track.)

Recording Engineer // Mix Engineer

This free jazz album was recorded in a live studio setting where all musicians played together with no isolation. The goal of the recording was to organize the session so that the musicians felt comfortable and with good sight lines so they could play freely and unimpeded by technology. No editing was done as each take was an improvised one off. The trio consists of Polish pianist Aga Derlak, and Ecuadorian USFQ music faculty Daniel Toledo (bass) and Raul Molina (drums). I am currently mixing this project.

Aga Derlak // Illusions

Schubert / Ave Maria

Schubert / Ave Maria

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Cecilia String Quartet & Monica Whicher // Ave Maria

Recording Engineer // Editor // Mix Engineer

This recording was made for the television documentary series God's Greatest Hits! episode 3 "Ave Maria." The episode features the Cecilia String Quartet with soprano Monica Whicher performing Schubert's "Ave Maria" and was recorded in the Royal Conservatoy of Toronto's Koerner Hall. In addition to the recording, I edited and mixed this piece for the show. (The audible artifacts are due to the video compression and are not in the original recording.)

Recording Engineer // Editor // Mix Engineer

I was hired as the recording engineer for Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire" by producer Martha Di Francisco. This piece was recorded at McGill University's MMR scoring stage, so I took the opportunity of not being in a traditional concert hall to create a distinct, almost cinematic atmosphere. In addition to the recording, I also completed the first edit and initial mix of the piece, but because I moved cities, I was not able to do the final album mix. The recording I have presented here is my original mix (not the album version). The album was awarded's "2016 Favorite Classical Vocal Album."

Ingrid Schmithüsen // No. 8 Nacht

Recording Engineer // Editor // Mix Engineer

Runa Jazz fuses Kichwa folkloric music with Afro-Ecuadorian rhythms, funk, and jazz. This album was recorded in the Universidad San Francisco de Quito's recording studios. The band Runa Jazz consists of some of the most distinguished Kichwa musicians in Ecuador and includes USFQ faculty and students. This recording is a continuation of a research project I am heading concerning the Kichwa folkloric instruments of Ecuador.


Runa Jazz // Shunku tushuy

Recording Engineer // Editor // Mix Engineer

I was hired by classical producer Theresa Leonard to record the song cycle "In the Mists" by Janacek as part of Deanna Oye's solo piano album (which is yet to be released). The album was recorded at the Banff Centre's Rolston Concert Hall. My aim with this piece was to capture the fragility and vulnerability of the piano and its shimmering, almost bell-like, high-register, in addition to its rich low register.

Deanna Oye // In the Mists 1. Andante

Producer // Editor

I co-produced this National Youth Orchestra of Canada (NYOC) album, and was specifically in charge of the pieces "La Valse" by Ravel and "Don Juan" by Richard Strauss (the latter piece is presented here). The recording took place on the MMR scoring stage at McGill University, Montreal. In addition, I also edited the entire album.

NYOC // Don Juan

Tamya Moran // Tushuy tushuy

Recording Producer // Editor // Mix Engineer

I produced Kichwa singer/songwriter Tamya Moran's sophomore album "Muskupay Muyu," which is a fusion of Ecuadorian folkloric, jazz, and pop music. The principal material for this album was recorded in just two days, with all the musicians playing together live in the studio and only Tamya's vocals isolated. My overall concept for the album was to keep it as organic as possible. "Tushuy tushuy" means "dance, dance," and is an original composition by Tamya based on a Kichwa poem. The song is sung in Kichwa and meant to be hopeful - when you are cold and tired, just dance, dance!


Recording Engineer // Mix Engineer

I recorded this tango album with the Zebra string trio at the Banff Centre's Rolston Concert Hall while I was working as the senior sound engineer at the Banff Centre. This album was done alongside a Brahms album which I also recorded. The tango arrangements were composed by the trio's cellist Anssi Karttunen. I also mixed the album.

Zebra Trio // Trois tangos en marge: III

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Title // Artist // Label // Role

Aga Derlak Trio // Aga Derlak // Echo Production // recording, mix engineer (TBR)
Ser // Arupo // Independent Release // mix engineer
CoM Faculty Highlights Volume ​1 // USFQ // Promotional Release // recording, mix engineer (various artists)
Afro Kichwa // Runa Jazz // Independent Release // recording, mix engineer, editor
Muskupay Muyu // Tamya Moran // Independent Release // recording producer, mix engineer, editor
Arnold Schoenberg, Max Kowalski: Pierrot Lunaire // Ingrid Schmithüsen // ATMA Classique // recording engineer, editor
ISCM 2016 Compilation // Canadian League of Composers // Promotional Release // mastering engineer
ISCM 2015 Compilation // Canadian League of Composers // Promotional Release // mastering engineer
Creo en mi Gente // La Matilda // Independent Release // recording engineer
Haydn Opus 20 // Tinalley String Quartet // Move Records // assistant producer, editor
ISCM 2014 Compilation // Canadian League of Composers // Promotional Release // mastering engineer
Exoticism: The Music of Karol Szymanowski // Jerzy Kaplanek & Stephan Sylvestre // Marquis Classics // assistant producer, editor
El Motivo // Zebra String Trio // Albany Records // recording, mix engineer
Alien Mysteries Season 1 // Documentary Series // Bell Media // music editor, post sound mixer                          
Mighty Planes Seasons 1-2 // Documentary Series // Discovery Channel Canada // post sound mixer
Mighty Ships Seasons 4-6 // Documentary Series // Discovery Channel Canada // post sound mixer
Daily Planet HD Relaunch // Science TV Series // Discovery Channel Canada // sound design
Schubert // Georgy Tchaidze // Honens // editor
Debussy, Holliger, Honegger, Ravel // Gilles Vonsattel // Honens // editor
God’s Greatest Hits! Episode 3 “Ave Maria” // RiddleFilms // Vision TV // music recording engineer, editor
Dvorak: Quartet, Op.106; 6 Cypresses, 2 Waltzes // Cecilia String Quartet // Analekta // assistant producer
Goldberg Variations // Minsoo Sohn // Honens // editor
2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games Broadcast Music // CTV // recording assistant
Carte d'anniversaire // National Youth Orchestra of Canada // NYOC Private Label // producer, editor (various artists)
Variations on America // Jens Korndoerfer // IFO Records // recording, mix engineer, editor
Brahms; Haydn Variations // Christopher Atzinger & Kathryn Ananda-Owens // MSR Classics // recording, mix engineer
Motel Pluton // Frédéric Leblanc & Caroline Mailloux // Films Camera Oscura Inc. // scoring engineer, music mix engineer 
L'homme et le train // FX Dupas // Independent Film // scoring engineer, music mix engineer
Centre Pieces in Jazz and Creative Music 2009 // The Banff Centre // recording, mix engineer (various artists)
H2O Secrets: The J.B. King // Nathalie Lasselin // PIXNAT Productions // scoring engineer, music mix engineer 
Photo Manipulation // Todd Langseth // South Bronx EFX Works // re-recording mixer


Técnicas de grabacion clásicas para estudios

September 2023 // AES International Latin American Conference // Quito, Ecuador

Técnicas de grabación clásica de música para medios

April 2019 // AES Clinic // Quito, Ecuador

Student Competition Judge - Traditional Recording Category

October 2018 // 145th AES New York Convention // NYC, USA

A Comprehensive Guide to Recording the Kichwa Instruments of Ecuador

June 2018 // McGill University Conference “Timbre is a Many Splendored Thing” // Montreal, Canada

Modern Studio vs. Classical Techniques for Recording the Mini Big Band

April 2018 // AES Clinic // Quito, Ecuador

The Art of the Classical Producer: Techniques and Tools of Classical Producing

March 2015 // AES Clinic // Quito, Ecuador

Surround Mixing for Television

April 2014 // AES Clinic // Quito, Ecuador


2014 Canadian Screen Award (nominee)
Best Sound in an Information/Documentary or Lifestyle Program or Series: Alien Mysteries


2011 Fred Sherratt Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music and Recording Arts and Sciences
MusiCounts Canada

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